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Where to Look for an Office

When you’re looking for Houston office space, you must consider the needs of the company as well as its employees. Whether your company is a brand-new start up or an existing business switching to a larger office, it can be difficult to find the perfect office space unless you have a list of your important […]

Is the Stock Market too Risky?

Whenever you decide to invest your money somewhere, you are taking a risk. Chances are that you will make a gain or a loss. The same principle applies with stock markets. You should always remember that there is no investment without a risk. However, this should not deter you from investing. As you begin to […]

Are You Having to Relocate for Work?

Chances are that sometime during the course of your life you will need to relocate for a new job. For instance, my husband and I just relocated from Utah out to Charlotte, NC because he graduated college and took a job offer out here. However, it is important to keep in mind some things when […]

Use the Internet to Market Your Business

Somebody once said that space was the final frontier. They were wrong. The internet has come on so strong in recent years that we are trending towards a total and complete cyber age. People connect via the internet. They work through its connection. They talk to friends all over the world. They seek pleasure, fun, […]

Steps to Take When Planning an Event

You are looking for some easy steps to take when planning an event. Keep in mind some of the following tips and ensure that your event will be the talk of the town. One important piece of advice to keep in mind when planning an event is to allocate a budget and stick to it. […]


Developing a Mobile App

There are many different companies and individuals who have recently becoming interested in the process of developing mobile applications. Since more consumers tend to use their smartphones throughout their daily lives, this has increased the demand for different types of applications. In turn, this has also created a tremendous opportunity for anyone who has a […]


What is Search Engine Marketing?

Every business needs to learn a bit about searching engine marketing, since it is becoming a critical component of online sales. But there are some web owners that might not be familiar with the basics of how this system works. They might be surprised that they can actually up the sales that they generate by […]


Leading by Example Helps Staff Adopt Professional Attitudes

Restaurant Owners who are running highly successful restaurants know they must lead by example. Working “with hustle” influences the entire staff to adopt a similar attitude of servicing customers with an intentional focus of care and urgency. If there is a problem, good leadership and management “jump-in” to provide cheerful solutions. Restaurant success depends on […]

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Businesses Have the Data – Get the Software that will Save You the Money

Does your company already maintain data for equipment types, planned and unplanned maintenance costs, number of days in operation, failure histories, parts analysis, operating voltage, and days from last service? Having all this complex data doesn’t save you money. Having the right type of software working the data will save maintenance department money. LINK360™ software […]

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On Delegation Decisions: Making Your Company Google-able

When an online business is in its infancy, placing near or at the top of the most popular search engines is a terrific boon to its reputation. That means conquering Google often comes as only a first step. That may sound daunting, but when you consider that many industries have niches and you don’t need […]