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Taking Care of Hair Extensions

Something I look forward to year after year is the concept of resolutions. It seems like everyone starts the new year off strong by wanting to get in shape in order to become a new person. This is fantastic, I just wish more people would stick with it. Exercise is such an important piece of […]

Looking your Best

I seriously doubt anybody would disagree when I say that as a society we want to always look our best. This is evident by our attempts at exercising to achieve the perfect body, and all the money we spend on clothes. However something that might be overlooked when you think about looking your best is […]

Useful Tips for Finding a Reliable Dentist in Utah

Dental care is an aspect that many people across the globe do not take with lots of seriousness. That is why the number of people suffering from dental complication has since been on an exponential rise. If you want to make sure that your mouth is in great shape and you are able to maintain […]

What to Expect From the Dentist

The American Dental Association has recommended regular dental visits every 6 months. But what can you expect from the dentist? First of all you will likely have a teeth cleaning by a dental hygienist. They will remove any built up plaque from your teeth, polish your teeth, and then floss your teeth. Depending on your […]

Aortic Aneurysm: Difference Between Thoracis and Abdominal

The aorta is the largest artery in the body. Its job is to carry oxygenated blood away from to the heart to all areas of the body. The section of the aorta that runs through the chest area is the thoracic aorta and the part that runs through the abdomen is the abdominal aorta. An […]

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Things Were Not Improving, Medical Info-Graphic Helps Mom Get a Second Opinion

My parents are quiet people, they don’t like to “make waves”. Neither do I actually, but my mother was behaving strangely, like she was feeling worse from her prescription instead of better. I am a senior, psychology major in college, no genius for sure, but I started to look into the diagnosis my moms’ doctor […]

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How to Help A Friend With an Addiction Problem

A Friend in Need… Although addiction to drugs is not as stigmatized as it used to be, with the exception of meth, may people who suffer from addiction struggle to deal with the self-effacing effects that addiction can inflict.  Most addicts pull away from friends and family because they can’t handle the shame and sense […]