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How Actions Engage Reactions

Pharrell Williams has changed the lives of so many people worldwide, first, with his song, “Happy,” by helping them showcase their own personal feelings of happiness; and, second, by encouraging them at ‘i am OTHER’ – YouTube, to declare their state of individuality. (See Manifesto.) He openly will say that his song, “Happy,” did not […]


Taking Care of Hair Extensions

Something I look forward to year after year is the concept of resolutions. It seems like everyone starts the new year off strong by wanting to get in shape in order to become a new person. This is fantastic, I just wish more people would stick with it. Exercise is such an important piece of […]

How To Look Like You Just Left The Salon Everyday

A visit to the hair salon is an experience that many welcome with great joy. The amazing results seen after the quality styling leaves you feeling fabulous and somewhat rejuvenated. This is a feeling that is far too short lived. Usually, the salon quality style only lasts for two or three days at most. What […]