How Actions Engage Reactions

barber-collegePharrell Williams has changed the lives of so many people worldwide, first, with his song, “Happy,” by helping them showcase their own personal feelings of happiness; and, second, by encouraging them at ‘i am OTHER’ – YouTube, to declare their state of individuality. (See Manifesto.) He openly will say that his song, “Happy,” did not have a blueprint as awesome as the finished project. But, ‘i am OTHER’ was easily achieved through the success of “Happy,” in that, personal happiness unlocks positivity and opens the door to that inner need for self-realization and self-expression. Our culture is heavily influenced by media of all types. Music stands out as a universal elixir and has a profound effect on people.

A Turning of the Tide
A result of this phenomena? A record number of vocational choices and changes by young and old who desire individual expression is about to take place. No master plan, but a happening or turning of the tide. College educations will remain important in the areas of business, law, technology, economics, education, medicine, research and development, and engineering. However, vocational schools, academies, and training institutes that offer highly appealing areas of study will begin to moot the college education “requirement” in lieu of vocational training. The Department of Labor’s Standard Occupational Classifications (SOC) consists of recognized job titles in the United States. It is a very interesting compilation, and anyone considering vocational training should review it.

Some Vocational Choices
While these are not Department of Labor SOC titles, they are a random sampling of vocations that will lead the way to achieving a passion that is not just a job:

barber schools or beauty academies that teach barbering
textiles, fashion design, dressmaking, millinery
entertainment business
media arts
film and video production
radio and television broadcasting
commercial art and graphics
music, music production and recording arts

About This List
What a tradeoff to sitting at an IT help desk while that true passion in life sits it out also!

The first vocation at the top of this list, barbering, has been somewhat depressed because of retirements and males choosing other avenues of work, specifically, in technology. As a result, female barbers have experienced little competition, great conversations, some dates, and excellent referrals. Look out, ladies, for the return of the male barber! The test now will be whether men prefer a female barber to a male barber. Of course, barbering is an art, and many high-end barbers prefer to be known as hair stylists. Nothing wrong with that.

Next, cosmetology, can take one from the salon to a celebrity’s dressing room. Maybe not, but fashion designer, runway show, and photo shoot agencies seize the cosmetologists who demonstrate genius. High-profile clients like to stake a claim in the cosmetologist who can sit in that chair and look in that mirror with them. Cosmetology commonly is perceived as hair cutting/styling, perming and coloring; however, it encompasses a surprising range of beauty care: skin and nail care/nail techniques, pedicures, makeup, etc. Cosmetologists also have the choice of working in a salon or becoming salon owners.

How about esthetics? This is a broad area devoted to skin, hair, brows, lashes, nails, the body, body toning, and mind and body. One might simply want to specialize in skin health and beautification and work in a salon, or the larger picture is taking the skill set of an esthetician and applying it in a beauty spa. Of course, not only is working at a spa synergistic and luxurious, but a spa owner is an individual who can achieve international fame through charisma, creative ideas and techniques.

The remaining list provides endless possibilities and loads of surprises on the trail to achieving that about which one is passionate. Trading in a college degree for a vocational opportunity is not as expensive and achievable within a shorter time frame. There are no losers; just pioneers seeking to march to their own drum beat.

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