LED Lights Capture New Car Designs

ledOnce a boring and nondescript item like car headlights has now become an integral part of a car’s design. Suddenly, the topic is a discussion and selling point in new car sales. Consumers are asking: ‘What are LEDs?” “Why are they better than traditional head lights?” Here are some key factors that make the LED headlight superior to the old styles:

Why Consider LED Headlights

Since the 1960s, car headlights were made of tungsten filaments. These lights wasted most of their output in heat instead of light. They were mono-directional in that they focused light in only one direction ahead of the car. Moving into the 1990s we saw the introduction of Halogen headlights. They were much more efficient, however here again much of the output was in the form of heat instead of light. They were extremely hot to the touch.
The next change brought High Intensity Discharge lights (HIDs). They were brighter and used much less power-only 35 watts and lasted up to 2,000 hours.

Enter the LED or Light Emitting Diode. The LED brought radical changes in the way headlights are made and used. First, they are small in size. This means that you can pack more dies into a smaller space. You can also create a variety of designs, making them more versatile. For example, with a rectangular frame you can pack 5 dies into the light frame.
Each of these dies can be focused in a different direction instead of straight ahead. The term used here is “array” lighting. The man advantage is that there are no moving parts. LED’s can last up to 15,000 hours.

The one disadvantage of LEDs is that they throw off heat backward from the their connection point. This heat is then collected in a heat sink. There is no heat thrown forward and may cause freezing in cold weather. This problem is solved by using a fan blowing heat into the front of the frame.

Where to Purchase LED Lighting Parts.

Go to www.vleds.com This is one of the world’s largest replacement bulb retailers. The website is loaded with information and product listings for all kinds of units from fog lights, running lights, brake lights, turn signals, license plate lights, reverse lights, dome lights, parking meter lights, cargo lights and lights for trailer camper RV s. The site is easy to navigate with a drop down menu for each category. In addition you can purchase flexible light strips, aluminum bar strips, round puck units, XB strips, circuit boards and DRL pods.

The LED revolution is here. When you are in need of replacement parts, go directly to VLED. This is your one stop shop with no hassle and rapid service.

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